Questions about Our Free Poetry Contests

How Does The Contest Work?
Entry into the contest is always free. This contest is open to all poets whether published or not, and regardless of experience. All poems received by World Poetry Movement, for all categories, are entered into the International Open Amateur Poetry Contest. Our current contest ends August 31, 2012.
Decisions: Judges are members of the World Poetry Movement Selection Committee. Entries are judged on the basis of originality, creativity, imagination, characterization, artistic quality, and the adherence to line limits. All judges’ decisions are final.
Winner’s Notification: All prize-winners will be notified by mail and email. Winners will be announced October 1, 2012 on  and

What Are The Prizes?
116 Prizes totaling over $10,000 will be awarded.  The Grand Prize is $1,000.00. 115 Prizes of Limited Edition 24 karat gold clad medals will also be awarded.  We award additional prizes in case of ties. Winners will be announced October 1, 2012. One of the ways we attract poets to our organization is by promoting amateur poetry contests several times per year. Entry to these contests is always free. All prizes are awarded and a list of winners can be viewed at our website, and

When Will The Winners be Announced? How Will I Know if I Won?
Winners of our current contest will be announced February 1, 2012. All winners will be notified by mail and email.  A complete list of winners will also be posted at and  On Facebook, click on the left side of the screen under ‘Contest Winners’.  On our website, click on the red star displaying 'Latest Winners'. Our current contest ends August 31, 2012 and winners will be announced October 1, 2012.

Questions About Being Published by World Poetry Movement

My poem was selected to be published. How do I know this is for real?
In addition to our vibrant online poetry community and popular free poetry contests, World Poetry Movement offers some poets the opportunity to have their poetry published, both on the internet and in hardbound volumes. If you have been selected for publication, CONGRATULATIONS! You can proceed with confidence, knowing that we are here to assist you through the entire process.

You can rest assured that your artistry will be displayed in the most attractive way possible, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Of course, all of our publications are backed by our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee to assure your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your books for a full and prompt refund. No questions are asked. Ever. Please note that less than 1 out of 500 people request a refund. You will be delighted…we guarantee it! We are also a proud member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Is Everyone Accepted for Publication?
Absolutely not. World Poetry Movement DOES try to give everyone the opportunity to share their message with the world through our online forum. However, less than 3 out of every 10 poems we review are invited to be considered for publication in one of our famous hardbound editions. This group of invited poets is then further whittled down through our editorial process. Ultimately, less than 8 out of every 100 poems we review will ever appear in a hardbound edition.

What Should I Include in My Artist’s Profile?
Our readers tell us that learning more about you and other contributing poets is their favorite part of our publications. Your Artist’s Profile may include your motivations, the meaning poetry has in your life, the story behind your poem, or your personal philosophical point of view, or anything else you wish to share with the world. Your Artist’s Profile should not exceed 100 words.

If I’m Published, Will I Still Own The Rights to My Poem?
Absolutely. Your poem remains your property at all times. Stars In Our Hearts is copyrighted as a compilation. The copyright notice is in your name. This means that you retain the copyright to your own work of art forever.

How Many Poems Appear in Each Book?
Our current hardbound series is titled Stars In Our Hearts. Each volume in the series has a different subtitle and features approximately 250-300 poems.

If My Poem is Published in a Book, Will I Get Paid?
World Poetry Movement, works exclusively with amateur poets. All of our material clearly states this. We cannot promise you fortune and fame. What we can offer you is an opportunity to be published and a worldwide audience, that is not readily available anywhere else.  If you consider yourself a professional poet that expects to be paid, or is used to being paid for your poetry, Congratulations! Your poetry career already exceeds what we can do for you. Keep up the good work!

Where Can My Friends and Family Find a Copy of the Book?
Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell our books, as do dozens of other online booksellers around the world.

Questions About Your Order

How Long Will It Take To Get My Book?
Books, like magazines, movies and television shows, take a long time to produce. There are several steps including poem selection, editorial, layout, design, printing, binding, and distribution. We do everything in our power to streamline this process. Upon receipt of your order, you will receive an acknowledgement with an approximate publication date. As a general rule, you can expect to receive your books within 10-12 weeks from your payment date.

I want to order copies for gifts; can you ship to more than one address?
Unfortunately, at this time we cannot send orders to more than one address. We are working on a solution to this request and will let you know when this service is available.

I Don’t Want Your Emails Anymore
You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails sent to you.  Just click on ‘unsubscribe’ and enter your email address.

How Do I Delete a Poem or Myself From Your Site?
This feature should be available shortly, please stay tuned.

If you have a question that was not answered above, please email: